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Privatuser - Students and schools:

You can use my templates for free, as long the designer link is visible on every page "Design by".
You are free to make all the changes you want, but the link: "Design by" has to be visible.
If you want to remove the designer link, you have to buy a "Remove link licence"

 Price Remove link licence privat: 10.- €

Commercial websites:

If you use my templates on a commercial website, you have to buy a "Commercial licence"
So please be fair - I use a lot of time making templates - If you make money using my templates, please buy a "Commercial licence"

Price Commercial licence: 25.- €

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When you buy a license, you have to tell what domain you want to use it on. You are allow to use all templates from and You can use it on all websites on that domain and sub-domain.

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