PluginInstallerXH allows you direct from the CMSimple-XH admin to install or uninstalle plugins and templates without using and ftp program.

The Plugin is createt by "infantilo"



jm_landingpage is a easy way to tell your visitor an news od an announcements.

When your visitor click on the "Close" tab, it places a cookies in the browser. The cookie will delete when the browser close.

You will find a setup manual her




jm_cookie_control is a simple way to give your visitor information about that your website use cookies.

It only works in CMSimple_xh 1.6 and newer




Twitter slide in link


Gives you a sliding twitter link like the one in the right site on this site

Facebook slide in link


Gives you a sliding facebook link like the one in the right site on this site



Put snow on your website


Countdown to a event

Countdown to La Marmotte 2015

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