jm_landingpage manual

Jm_landingpage manual - CMSimple-xh plugin

jm_landingpage is a easy way to tell your visitor an news od an announcements.

Please do read this documentation

jm_landingpage shows the content of a hidden page "Landingpage"


Jquery need to be set to "autoload"


The installation is done as with many other CMSimple_XH plugins. See the CMSimple_XH wiki for further details.

  1. Backup the data on your server.
  2. Unzip the distribution on your computer.
  3. Upload the whole directory jm_landingpage/ to your server into CMSimple_XH's plugins directory.
  4. Set write permissions to the subdirector languages/.


In the plugin admin under language you can change the text on the CLOSE tab.

jm_landingpage shows the content of a hidden page called "Landingpage".

1. Create a new page called "Landingpage".
2. Hide the site from the menu in pagedata.3. Open the file template.htm and add ‹?php echo jm_landingpage();?› just before the ‹/body› tag.


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